Azamara Dress Code

Azamara Dress Code

If you're considering an Azamara cruise, you might be wondering what the dress code is like. After all, you want to be sure that you pack the right clothes for your cruise holiday. Well, never fear - we're here to give you the lowdown on Azamara's dress code.

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Azamara Dress Code

In general, the dress code onboard is relatively casual. Azamara Cruises have a "resort casual" dress code keeping with their sophisticated atmosphere. You can choose to dress up if you would like however, this is not an expectation as Azamara follows a Resort Casual dress code throughout the entire voyage. While you can choose to dress more formally, sequins is not something you would find board. You may find a few cocktail dresses in the evenings for those that do enjoy dressing up or are visiting the alternative dining options. Otherwise, you'll find smart casual or country chic attire in the evenings for those that are wanting to have a dressier look or you'll find a sophisticated resort wear attire for those that are wanting a more casual vibe.

What is Resort Casual?

The Azamara dress code is pretty simple: "resort wear." But what exactly is resort wear? The term can be a bit confusing, since it doesn't necessarily refer to a specific type of clothing. Instead, it's more of a general category that includes a wide range of styles. At its most basic, resort wear is clothing that is suitable for warm weather and casual activities. This can include anything from shorts and t-shirts to sundresses and cute rompers. The important thing is to focus on comfort and practicality. After all, you want to be able to enjoy your vacation without worrying about your outfit.  Resort wear dress code is generally considered to be more casual than formalwear, but not as casual as beachwear. Think of it as somewhere in between.  It's also important to look put-together and stylish. When thinking about resort wear, think about what you would wear to a country club for lunch with your grandmother. It's a sophisticated casual look with a touch of simplicity.

 Photo: Azamara Dress code ideas Albert Sundress

Resort wear generally includes light, airy fabrics that are comfortable to wear in warm weather. Think sundresses, shorts, and skirts made from linen or cotton. In terms of color palette, resort wear tends to be brighter and more colorful than other types of clothing. Bold prints are also common. As far as accessories go, resort wear is all about keeping it simple. A pair of strappy heels and a cute sundress are all you need to complete your resort wear evening look. 

Recommended Attire:

  • Daytime Attire For Women: sportswear, casual dresses, sundresses, rompers, casual skirts, pants, capris, shorts, light tops, T-shirts, swimwear, cover-ups
  • Night time Attire For women: casual dresses, sundresses skirts, classy jumpsuits, pants and capris, blazers, knit sweaters, blouses and knit tops. 
  • Daytime Attire for Men: Sportswear, shorts, pants, golf shirts, T-shirt, Swimwear
  • Nightime Attire For men: Collared golf and polo shirts, pants, and a sport coat for a dressy look though not required. 
  • Shorts and torn/distressed jeans are not allowed during dinner.


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