What to Pack for a Seabourn Cruise

What to Pack for a Seabourn Cruise


Embarking on a Seabourn cruise is a journey of luxury, relaxation, and exploration. As you prepare for your voyage, one of the most important tasks is packing. Seabourn cruises offer a refined and elegant experience, and your choice of clothing and accessories can greatly enhance your time aboard. In this blog post, we'll guide you through what to pack to ensure you're comfortable and stylish while sailing with Seabourn.

1. Elegant Attire

Seabourn cruises are known for their sophisticated ambiance, and the dress code is typically upscale casual. Be sure to pack elegant attire for the evenings, including cocktail dresses, dress shirts, slacks, and formalwear for special occasions. A nice suit or a formal gown might be perfect for the gala nights and fine dining experiences on board.

2. Casual Daywear

During the day, comfortable and casual clothing is appropriate. Pack lightweight and breathable options like shorts, skirts, casual shirts, and sundresses. Don't forget comfortable walking shoes for shore excursions and exploring the ship.

3. Swimwear

Seabourn cruises often feature beautiful pools and hot tubs. Don't forget to pack your swimwear, including bathing suits, cover-ups, and sunscreen. A wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses are essential for sun protection.

4. Outerwear

Depending on your cruise destination, you may encounter varying weather conditions. Bring a lightweight, waterproof jacket for rainy days and a warmer layer for cooler evenings. Seabourn provides complimentary warm blankets and hot drinks for those breathtaking moments on deck, but it's good to have an extra layer handy.

5. Comfortable Footwear

Comfortable and stylish shoes are a must. Pack a pair of dress shoes for formal nights and casual, comfortable footwear for daytime activities and shore excursions. Don't forget to include sandals for a more relaxed look while lounging on the ship.

6. Accessories

Accessories can enhance your cruise experience. Consider bringing:

  • A nice watch for keeping track of time and attending events.
  • Formal jewelry to complement your elegant attire for special evenings.
  • A quality camera or smartphone for capturing memories of your voyage.
  • A versatile day bag or backpack for excursions and carrying essentials while exploring the ship.

7. Toiletries and Medications

Remember to pack your essential toiletries, medications, and any seasickness remedies if needed. While Seabourn provides many amenities, having your preferred items on hand can make your cruise even more comfortable.


Packing for a Seabourn cruise is an exciting part of preparing for a luxurious and unforgettable journey. By including elegant attire, comfortable daywear, swimwear, outerwear, appropriate footwear, and essential accessories, you'll be ready to fully enjoy the Seabourn experience. Whether you're savoring gourmet cuisine, exploring exotic destinations, or simply relaxing on deck, the right packing choices can make your cruise even more delightful. Bon voyage!

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